Born in Sneek The Netherlands, 1955. Academy Minerva, Groningen, 1980.
I am affiliated with the institute for the arts, ‘de Lawei’, in Drachten as an art teacher.

My mixed media technique

My work consists of a combination of various techniques.
A large part of my work is created by superimposing several layers of semi-transparent architect paper. This paper is ideally suited for the range of processes that I subject it to.
The basis is a large watercolor on 3 to 4 ply acid-free bristol board.
The water shocks the paper, making it corrugate, and the process of drying fixates it. Once the watercolor is dry, I proceed by painting or pasting heavy weight parchment or painted, transparent architect paper on to it.
By dividing the surface of the corrugated paper into different sections, many new combinations can be made.
I may also alter the surface by sanding and then painting it. This gives the painted surface a distinct look. I then proceed to draw on this textured surface, giving it a graphic touch.

Repeated applications of pencil and chalk allow a fine gray veil to envelop the work. This refined ‘drawing texture’ lends the work a muted quality.
By using multi-ply bristol board, it is possible to carve out a layer of the board, producing a fresh, new surface.
After giving it several coats of acrylic varnish, the painting is finally finished.


Using color and texture, I work towards a marriage of these two elements.
A trace of longing for the countryside and its features remains evident.
In essence, it is a desire to coalesce direct emotional experience with esthetic expression.

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